The Manawatu Community Trust is a not for profit organization that offers affordable housing for pensioners and disabled.

Community Housing

On 1 July 2008 the Manawatu District Council transferred the ownership and management of its 208 Housing for the Elderly and Disabled units into a trust now known as the Manawatu Community Trust.

The Trust is governed by five Trustees who are appointed by the Manawatu District Council for a 3 year term.  The Trust employs a Manager, a Tenancy Support person and an Accounts Administrator.  The trust office is located at 1/100 Awahuri Road in Feilding.

The Trusts Mission, Vision and Objectives are as follows:


To promote and provide housing and wellbeing services that are relevant and meet the long term community needs.


Robust, professional, and viable organisation, which is providing a modern healthy living environment, up to date, good quality, sustainable housing and health facilities that address the needs of the community to enhance the long term health and wellbeing of Manawatu  residents.

Objectives of the Manawatu Community Trust

The objectives of the Manawatu Community Trust as identified in its Deed of Trust are:  any charitable purpose within the Manawatu District, and to create a fund to be used for:

  • The promotion of any purpose or purposes within the Manawatu District for the relief of poverty and for the benefit of the residents of the Manawatu District.
  • The promotion and provision of housing for the elderly and disabled residents of the Manawatu District.
  • The promotion of health services for the residents of the Manawatu District
  • The promotion of wellbeing services for residents of the Manawatu District these services shall include services promoting the improvement of the lifestyle, health and welfare of residents in the Manawatu District and creating a sense of community for the benefit of the residents of the Manawatu district
  • To accept gifts and grants of whatever description, provided that any private benefit conferred on any individual is incidental to the above purposes.